Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

Saw a 4 stroke model (I’m guessing cause he had a 206 on it.) bestkart at practice a few weeks ago. Looks really nice hopefully I see him there this season to see how it goes for him.

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Do I have to buy these gloves now as well?

And kart to match

Yes, team requirement. They’re on sale for $50.

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My friend took some pictures of my last new castle trip. The changes @Muskabeatz told me to make helped me greatly lol. Its amazing what the kart can do with a standard setup.


Looking good! Glad the setup changes resulted in some forward progress!

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Guaranteed 3 tenths. :wink:

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Just noticed the Senna gloves…

The leather driving gloves would be a lovely Xmas present.

The ones TJ got are on sale for 40 bucks

Getting ready for the first 4-stroke race of the season
It’s going to be a mixed 2024 season with Rotax Max DD2 and Honda GX390 competition



I like the chin graphic you made for you helmet! :+1:

Great job. Haven’t been keeping up with Rotax, good turnout?

Funny you say that. As a passenger once outside of Detroit, we got pulled over for the Driver not wearing a Seatbelt. I brought up the No Helmet Law and the officer went on a Rant. She still issued the citation. Stupid is, Stupid does!

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Ohhhhhh!!! What is that nose ??? Thats for sure aero wise,??

Turnout has been so-so. We will see if any more come out this weekend for the West Finale in Grand Junction. I can’t complain too much I should wrap up a championship win this weekend. One step closer to earning a ticket to the World Finals in Italy!

Thanks. I’ve gotten alot of compliments on it. Early-Summer is my racing off-season so I’m working on making it available in various colors.

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The driver fairing probably helps a little on aero but the part I like best is that the rad doesn’t get all beat up from rocks and rubber off the tires.


You can mount a shield to shield against flinging tire debris, but probably more efficient for RR, if that’s what you’ll be doing.

Wait a sec… radiator is behind seat? Never seen that before.

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Dont sell him short. There’s one in the driver fairing too.

My first CKNA event, it was certainly a learning experience. Wet all day both days, a lot of chaos!