Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

Very cool! With a plastic rear bumper on that one! :exploding_head:

Looks like an old style cadet wheel. Tiny lil guy.

There’s a reason behind using a cadet wheel. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Well if it’s like sim I used the narrowest formula wheel because it’s faster lock to lock. You need quiet hands. Twitchier but quicker. I’d imagine irl it amplifies force needed to turn tho.

You run out of positions on the steering shaft or what? :sweat_smile:

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I figured you’d know what he’s doing.

Does anyone remember the tater digger guys running the big truck size steering wheels?

Less input to get the same output and it doesn’t change the Ackerman.

It’s steering rate related, but I guess I’m surprised he’d want to speed it up.

The Birels I’ve driven lately were more pointy in the front than my OTK was… put the big rig wheel on that thing!


Yeah the 4 stroke Birel I drove had the pointiest front end of any kart I’ve driven.

I’m surprised more complaints aren’t made about the stock steering wheel positions in most karts. Without angled shims every kart I have ever been in feels like a bus

I like my wheel more upright


Had a [overall] good time at my first big race, Stars at MCC, this past weekend. Despite having three big crashes on Saturday, it felt good to be competitive with some of the best KA masters in the country. I’d love to do more if I can find the budget to do it.


The livery looks beautiful

Gooooood looking ride

Thanks! It looked a whole lot better before Saturday ha.

Rebel Scum at Pitt
Nick, Dom and @RandallC
Photos by: Dielyn Stephen


Grid for the 3rd Honda GX 390 (4-stroke) race of the season, just before the rain and the chaos started, qualified 3rd

number 38