Pre-Race/Track Pump Up Jams

I love this. Go Frank, go. Right in the feels.

Someone spilled froot loopz on the subway…
For @Stamatis125
to spend some family time being normal… we busted out our copy of Trivial Pursuit from the 90s… Bryan Adam’s was the answer to one of the questions. I loved this song growing up.

And a double feature while we are at it… Steve Perry and pals…

I loved and hated music in the 80s. The good stuff was awesome though. Lest we dwell too much upon the past, here’s something newer, perhaps for Tanguy although I never get his songs right;


Pixels and color

Coolio inspires the students to sing louder

It seems to me that they were here first…


Sorta blown away… they were glam, punk, metal, blues, everything… and they had a huge amount of attitude. I do get a sense of theatrical malice with these fellas performance live… the crowd absolutely does not know what to think.

I’m no musician, so I am unworthy of opining on the music (which seems very good) but the whole package is incredible. They truly DNGAF and were metal before metal existed.

Its a bit like everyone who came after them stole their ideas but made it palatable for selling records. Think of Kiss, for example… they were tame and well liked. These guys are provocative and probably didn’t sell many records.

I am now thinking about going to races in white make up, mascaras, and purple lips, with the full rebel scum regalia. Also, yellow hair. Sorta A Clockwork Orange meets Evil Clown.

That would be intimidating if done correctly. The guitarist is inspirational. I am not sure Rebel Scum Racing is worthy of ripping off his look. I cannot imagine what these guys would have done with electronic music. But, it would have been effing nuts.

Well it was a comeback day with out any fubar inside . So im quite happy and all day smiling just 3 days after it .

The photo is for dom . So he can see how retro and McQueen coloured can i be if i want too… laugh :smiley:

I love it. A very cool racing outfit, indeed. I kind of feel like racing a kart is important and that dressing up for it is celebrating it.

I also love the video. I do wonder what’s in the box that they carry across the desert.

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