Sim Racing 2024

Pretty much. Better gaming performances for less TDP. The 7800x3d is king

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Bulk of applications cant take all the threads, we went with clock speeds.

Nothing crazy? Literally the highest end consumer CPU and GPU you can buy… :slightly_smiling_face:

crazy would be multiples of the card I suppose!

True. That pretty much doesn’t work anymore NVIDIA and AMD have pretty much dropped all multicard support except for their professional and server cards.

That thrust master throttle costs more than my entire rig

There’s a special pedal too.looks like he has one of the super pedals.

Well that is why I dont understand the choice :

  • i7 and i9 packs a ton of efficiency cores, which makes those more interesting for productivity than gaming
  • 7800x3d is better in all kind of gaming scenarii (+15% fps against the 14900k, +6% fps against the 14900ks at 6.2ghz), while costing less and having a much lower TDP

Clocks means nothing if you don’t compare two identical chips

Yup, now it is the role of the game dev to make the engine support multiGPU. DX12 and Vulkan support it natively, if you take 1h of your time to implement it :grinning:

Maybe he just wants to simulate the high temps of a car :joy:. I know my 805D at 4ghz was like a free heater for the room.

Hey speaking of sim…

Anyone have thoughts on stuff to play these days?

The old standbys have been iracing. Asseto Corsa.

The game market has seen some additions. I recall a casual kart game that was released beta a year ago, I believe one of you have played it beta:

There’s this that also came out during my abscence:

Anything worth trying these days?

Any non-car game thoughts?

Curious… does it matter when dealing with top end chips? I would assume the banger AMD and the banger INTEL are up to the task with overhead to spare?

It is more a matter of principles. Even if your budget is unlimited, you might want to spend it on the best parts you can get, not the most expensive.

Given how intel is recycling older chips since many gens now, I wouldn’t give them my money.

I personally dont like assetto games, physics are a bit whack.

CP2077 with Phantom Liberty.

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Took me a bit to figure out:

I gather they got their collective act together since the shockingly bad release?

I tried out assetto corsa competizione at a car event I went to and I didn’t like it, maybe fov and such wasent set correctly but you had zero sense of speed, I just ran straight through the corners. Looks like you’re doing 60 but speedometer says you’re doing 150

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Yes, the game is really good now

he has a rig with the 7800 in it already and I wiped it and did a raid0 m2 gen4, both systems have 128 GB ram and the same 4090. to him, the intel was snappy and ran better.

I had a water cooler for the intel in the parts bin.

I’ve had more luck with OC’ing the intel as well.

Review of the karting superstars game…. Sounds kartkrafty…

Cyberpunk was good at release, just buggy for some and the gaming community is generally very whiny. I personally didn’t have any real issues and the game is incredibly fun and immersive, even when it had glitches. Might be my favorite game. I’m still wrapping up every loose end in Starfield but will be doing Cyberpunk DLC when I’m done. It’s a gorgeous game on Xbox, can’t wait to see how it looks on my PC.

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Dom and Warren, La Jolla 1975, alternate timeline…

After the surf we’d go by old lady Harriet’s bungalow and she’d tell us stories about the coast when she was a girl in the 30s and hers was the only house near the break.

She also has many cats and 30+ years of newspapers saved and ready to be recycled when she shuffles off this mortal coil.