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A cool story

I had another karting shower thought type question:

Why is it only shifters that have the tuned shaped exhausts? All the other two stroke engines I know of seem to have exhausts whose diameters are constant.

I understand from a video why they are shaped this way (changing the way the sound waves bounce towards the engine and influencing how the engine breathes). What’s not intuitive to me is why is it unique to shifter?

Turns out they are worth it

Dan Suzuki reviews the new activepedals. He really, really likes them and thinks that they will make a difference for the vast majority of simmers.
He states upfront that he was sent two pedals, and told he could keep one and then has the option to buy the second one discounted. Going into this, he was confident he’d return the throttle because he assumed it was overkill. He rapidly changed his mind and is ponying up to buy the throttle. If I’m not mistaken he says these are the best pedals he’s ever used.

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55k Euros is what happiness costs:

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Just found the dashboard. Cool stuff.

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Not sim but no clue where to put…

Thought this was cool. Karting day camp for kiddos. 4 hrs a day. Can we get adult version please?

Golf ball helmet!

This is absolutely wild. Look at how quickly and for how briefly you get eyeballs with shorts. The two spikes are two shirts published. The rest are “normal” videos. It’s really intersting how hard they are trying to get content in the shorts category.

Tomorrow I race, Today I chill

Here’s a different drive: my favorite road in my hometown. It has been a gorgeous day, and I thought I’d go get some wind in my hair. If there were ever to be a Princeton Grand Prix, I would include this stretch of road as a stage. At speed, it would be quite interesting. It is a popular walking area, however, so, no shenanigans here. Enjoy.

Tomorrow I go race at United Karting in Baltimore. I think I’ll drive down early, do the public practice sessions a few times before the 6PM race. I’ve only driven BWI once before, and really enjoyed it. It’s very “swoopy” and technical, while flowing. It basically has no straights and endless runout. Should be a fun race!.

Schlepped down from NJ to MD to come race at United Karting. I got here early so I get could get practice in, see if I could learn the track a bit. I managed to get 5 sessions in and improved a lot.

It’s devilishly fun, the full throttle t-1 is a joy and can get a little squirrely. I really loved the track and got bolder as I went along.

There seems to be quite a bit if disparity in the karts and it looks like there are some fast drivers here! I am mid pack, expectation wise, for the race. Should be a challenge but hopefully a rewarding one!

Aaand it’s cancelled due to rain. They really tried but it was just too greasy. We did some laps for fun and it was a skating rink.

Work to do but it’s a start. I got to the point of being flat through 1, but the question becomes what to do with big speed when you then hit 3. Do you hold tight to the line or do you let it run out? Need to come back and follow folks around and see how they do things.

Fastest lap:

All passes, combined:

G2 VR sale this weekend

I think this will place it in the 350-400 range. This is a good sale for a great vr unit.

I use this model. Also, @zipty842 rocks the same one. It’s generally considered to be the best of the reasonably priced units.

It’s not great for games that use the hand controllers since it is a windows mixed reality unit that does not require base stations.

If your bag is beat saber, get something with base stations.

If your bag is sim racing or sim flying, this is ideal.

The kind of email I like to see

*"Wow, thank you for the incredible support of the upcoming New York Grand Prix!

We are trying to figure out the best way to accommodate all the teams that want to race, so please review the survey linked below and answer before noon tomorrow, 5/11."*

Race oversubscribed and then some. He’s trying to figure out if adding a second race on Sunday would work.

Anyone doing TKC at United?

Think I’ll head down again to see if I can not get rained out.

Anyone wanna rumble? (Kart draw permitting).

I keep saying I’ll build a SIM rig this year, just hasn’t been a priority. Looks like pricing on wheels and pedals have come back down a bit from the Pandemic prices. I’ve got an Oculus Rift S that would be perfect for a SIM setup.

Waiting to see if the Asetek products get good reviews, they have been in pre-order status for quite awhile. I like that you can get a base model and buy upgrade kits to make the better versions as you go.

I can help somewhat. What are we spending, hypothetically?

I’m not sold in the asetek as a two pedal guy. They may have changed things but their pedal arrangement seemed like clutch delete wouldn’t work or be too narrow.

The rift would be fine. Newer has better image quality but to start in vr that’s ideal.

The computer bits have moderated in price rather significantly.

So clutch is optional… but brake appears to be permanently mounted right next to the throttle.

$1350 gets you base, pedals, wheel and upgrade path.

I think this is a good option. You get 50% more headroom versus the 8nm clubsport. You get a good wheel (at least it looks good). You get the pedals.

Moza and Fanatec have a less expensive approach but I think you get a touch more for the extra few hundred with this asetek package.

@tankyx any opinion?

The one thing I cant answer is how much “better” is 12NM than 8 from a players perspective. I have not tried any of the bigger DDs, alas. But, from what I have experienced, I can say that DD has much finer detail that is being transmitted, such as road texture, while also delivering the bumps and bangs of suspension going boing. Having more power suggests to me that you have greater latitude in the breadth and depth of info transmitted. I would expect that, if I were playing on a Big DD, that I’d notice more nuanced detail as compared to my 8NM.

The analogy that seems to make sense is the audio one. Big amps used to drive speakers in fancy audio setups aren’t about just being loud, they are about having the power on tap to deal with dynamic demands, cleanly.

Wait, I got it:

Rental kart: Logitech G920
w/gx390: Clubsport Belt Drive (RIP)
KA 100: 8-12nm DD
x30: 16-20nm DD
KZ: 20+ DD

I have a DD2 now. While the mid corner details are much better compared to the CSL DD 8Nm, what I noticed more was that I’m much less able to over power the wheel into an understeer situation, and it’s only set at 15Nm.

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