Surprise Forum stats for October

Let me know if this kind of thing is interesting to you.

The forums just crossed 1.25m Google search impressions in October!

Compare to
August 620k
September 816k

1.25m views mightn’t sound impressive in a world of TikTok videos but I think we can say with confidence that this community has become the most visible and trafficked karting site on the web. (OK sans which is mostly dirt)

Another interesting stat I saw a couple of months ago, (and take it with a pinch of salt) was that the forums were ranked above Williams F1’s website. I think it’s pretty cool that some sort of karting website is ranked above an F1 team.

While I’m sharing stats, figured I’d pull some more…

  • Pageviews (hits) are around 375,000 per month.
  • Daily active users (A measurement of community health and “stickiness”) is around 36%. Anything above 20% these days is considered very solid in the online community space.
  • Average session (visit) length is 3.5mins across 51,000 visits. Again mightn’t sound much but considering most video views on social media are triggered at 5 or 10 seconds…

So, thank you all for participating here. It’s made a HUGE difference for karting’s presence on the web which was a shambles when social media took hold around 2013. For a number of reasons it essentially started to disappear from the web.


Well done, sir! Yeah I love seeing the data, keep it coming.

Is there a way to get actual partners who will give you money to do cool things with site? It seems like we have enough eyes to warrant some sort of sponsors.

Thanks, all I did was install some software to be fair. I can’t take much credit :smiley:

I got my 7 year anniversary today. Doesn’t feel that long…

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This is great! Really cool to reflect on the impact that this forum is having. Being new to the sport, I’ve learned so much in terms of setup & racecraft, and it’s been awesome connecting with all of you.

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Thank you all in here , iv learned so much about karting all this years in that forum and i v always got a lot of help when i needed .

And that feeling as the liverpool fans sing " you never walk alone " its that something kartpulse has and other s dont .


This is great to hear! Do you have any goals for future growth/development of the forums? KP sponsored driver(s)?? :grin:

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Oooh. Too many good drivers to pick. That would be cool.

Let’s do the Kartpulse Kup. A championship.

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Ideas and goals for sure. But very little time to implement unfortunately.

On sponsorship, there’s not much to go around. Ad revenue (google ads for non signed in visits) is about $125/mo :laughing:. After hosting costs that leaves a little more than $75/mo.

Sponsorships are something I’d like to pursue. But it’s hard to justify the time investment.

Business directory and apparel are others. I have a sheet of about 100 “shitty shirt ideas” that would probably work well with a good marketing campaign.

So if anyone one wants to execute on those for a healthy cut… drop me a line.

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I’m tempted to try to help but I’m not sure how productive I could be and I’ll keep getting distracted by all the other posts. But, I can try.

It is the karting world that should be thanking you. I don’t see how anyone could look at KP as anything less than a completely free (and friendly) Mark Donahuesk “Unfair Advantage”.

There are so many smart, dedicated, and helpful people on KP sharing everything from detailed procedures to insights like:

If what TJ said is true (it is), then this is also true

KP is worth months or years.
(of accelerated progress up the karting learning curve).

Get online accordingly. :grin:


Does KP have any sort of brand “tagline” that has spoken to you? I’m just thinking if people are seeing the logo for the first time, how do we make them take the plunge of googling?

“KartPulse- it’s better than AI” :joy:

Seems like a task for @Bimodal_Rocket

Well if that were true would I be able to write this message? I doubt it, so thumbs up to you. Give yourself some credit.

I have a good one (tagline):
KartPulse, where…


“KartPulse - where AI means Actual Intelligence” :grin:

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There’s been a couple, get your heart racing was one. Very generic though.

More recently Karting Enthusiast Network (ie EKN backwards, allbeit unintended)

Another one which is the meta tag right now is Karting’s Community Hub.

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I’m pretty sure its because you host my karting calendar post…looool


This should be on every karting T shirt in every paddock.


Yep! That’s a t-shirt for sure… with the KartPulse logo added in a graphically pleasing way.

Your assignment, @Bimodal_Rocket , should you choose to accept it… :grin:

Appreciate that but it’s gotta be Oktane Visual