Tillotson 225RS - Discussion and Adoption in USA Karting

Actually, I’m finding myself confused again. The topic is the 225RS, however the engine being introduced by the AKRA is the 212RS :confused:

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Looks like a brand new motor set to launch this weekend at PRI. Cannot find anything info about the engine.

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Sweet. Let’s make everything more convoluted than it already is. :joy:

It could just be me too. I’m easily confused.

Tillotson and GoPowerSports did kindly send a 225 to try on our rentals for Karting on Ice, so I have a mental bias towards that model.

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We just keep piling new engines in is what I mean by convoluted. :rofl: Nothing regarding the mixup.


Someone should do a timeline that shows the evolution of karting engines, noting all the major steps forwards (and back😎).

That would be quite a chart! Starting with the OG McCullough in 1956.

IAME France used to have a Museum section on their website that showed their engines going back to the 60’s. It’s sadly gone now however.

Once I win the lottery I’ll make sure to include that are part of my museum collection

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So will this be the nail in the coffin for Clone, with AKRA’s adoption?

Clone seems quite healthy around here on dirt.

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The clone and predators are still very healthy. I think this will actually be the death of the 206 in dirt racing (although it never really was alive anyway)


Being in the U.S. I was never been sold on the Tilly. Personally I think the roll out and information was too confusing. So my initial reaction was, “I’ll pass” or “I’ll wait for this to fad to pass.

This video did nothing for me either way.



Have to improve on yours here…


Yeah I’ve found the content on the channel more about getting attention and complaining about things without being part of a solution. It’s their channel to do with as they please and how they see fit, and I get that. But it’s not a channel I follow anymore.

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Haha!! I was struggling to find a three frame version to make mine work. Your 4th is excellent

Yes, the AKRA has authorized our 212RS engine to run in the same class as the Briggs L0206 in their series. AKRA’s concern was that racers were not able to get 206 engines and were leaving the sport, so they asked us to put together something that could compete alongside it. This announcement was directed at AKRA races, but since then, we’ve been approached by several other tracks to use the engine in sprint racing. Our engine is not intended to fragment the market–it runs in the same class as the 206, so racers can choose. We worked with the AKRA and RLV to make sure our engine has the same performance characteristics as the 206 so that neither ours nor Briggs has any advantage. It was tested extensively by them and us everyone happy (if that’s possible).

Does Tillotson enforce anything such as for example engines need to be serviced with an interval of xx miles to ensure that the T4 series are fair for the drivers?

I have a couple of friends that participated in an event, but there was clear differences in performance.

I’m not sure if any engine has this kind of requirement on a fairness basis. Reliability, sure. Fairness, not so much?