Tillotson 225RS - Discussion and Adoption in USA Karting

I don’t think the FIA Motorsport Games is the same Motorsports Games you are talking about. The FIA Motorsport Games is the official race run by the FIA, whereas those other guys look like the publishers of online games. THe FIA Games re like the Olympics of motorsports, where countries enter and compete by nation.

With that said, Yes! The Tilly Rental Karts were indeed the karts used for the FIA Motorsport Games. They were also the same karts we used for the T4 Nations Cup endurance racce in Spain the month earlier. We ran them with a 212R engine, but they could also be run with the 225RS for more power. We are really happy with the karts. They ran a 4 hour endurance race in Spain and a 6 hour race in France without a hitch and everyone seemed to enjoy how much fun they were to drive. They are a bit lighter and more nimbler than a standard rental kart.


I am conscious you are from Tillotson, but how do they compare to the Sodi Sport ?

Any idea where this claim is coming from? AKRA rule book I guess?

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Does anyone know anywhere that runs AKRA rules that aren’t dirt and maybe road racing? :man_shrugging:t2:

Well given that they run built clones it makes sense to not just be Briggs.

I’m not aware of any sprint AKRA racing, and I don’t see anything on their website that point to it. Maybe they have plans for 2023 for it?

In road racing I would expect the 225 to eat up a 206 given how much aero is the limiter of speed there. Which also means throwing weight at the situation to balance them is not going to work as well as one might expect (If that’s even the plan)

Maybe we’ll see road racing as being the home for the 225 in the US in a similar way that it’s the last bastion for KT100? Arguably the 225 is more suitable for road racing compared to the 206 due to the extra power and 206 has a hold on sprint that’s next to impossible to break unless Briggs do it themselves somehow.

Actually, I’m finding myself confused again. The topic is the 225RS, however the engine being introduced by the AKRA is the 212RS :confused:

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Looks like a brand new motor set to launch this weekend at PRI. Cannot find anything info about the engine.

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Sweet. Let’s make everything more convoluted than it already is. :joy:

It could just be me too. I’m easily confused.

Tillotson and GoPowerSports did kindly send a 225 to try on our rentals for Karting on Ice, so I have a mental bias towards that model.

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We just keep piling new engines in is what I mean by convoluted. :rofl: Nothing regarding the mixup.


Someone should do a timeline that shows the evolution of karting engines, noting all the major steps forwards (and back😎).

That would be quite a chart! Starting with the OG McCullough in 1956.

IAME France used to have a Museum section on their website that showed their engines going back to the 60’s. It’s sadly gone now however.

Once I win the lottery I’ll make sure to include that are part of my museum collection

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So will this be the nail in the coffin for Clone, with AKRA’s adoption?

Clone seems quite healthy around here on dirt.

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The clone and predators are still very healthy. I think this will actually be the death of the 206 in dirt racing (although it never really was alive anyway)


Being in the U.S. I was never been sold on the Tilly. Personally I think the roll out and information was too confusing. So my initial reaction was, “I’ll pass” or “I’ll wait for this to fad to pass.

This video did nothing for me either way.