Tillotson 225RS - Discussion and Adoption in USA Karting

Haven’t watched this yet so can’t comment on it perse. Sometimes the white knuckle guys get a little hyped up :joy:

Theres a gentleman on the show (with a rather impressive racing background) who has been racing them both extensively. To summarize:

Tillotson: Very good bottom end and very good overall. No weak points. Faster.
LO206, less fast, and I got the impression, a little less engaging from a driving perspective.

However, the properly broken in LO is a beast that runs forever and he has one at 40hrs still going strong. Also, the parity is very high. Take 3 LO out of the box and they will be very similar. He owns four tillys and they vary to the tune of 2/10ths difference.

He likes them both equally and feels that they race differently, but equally fun. He feels that there’s room for them both and appears to enjoy/like them equally.

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Superstock LO206 vs Tillotson 225

Found this video online with the Superstocks which I believe are 13HP vs. the 15HP Tillotson. Seems to be fairly even.

The problem is there are 30 Lo206 entries at my local track (Pittrace). The track is on a time limit, so they are not going to add another class nor would that allow running at the same time.

The Ka100 class is gaining traction and again the speed difference is pretty big between the two, so I doubt they would allow me on track. If I run in the road racing series It would be in the open class where 100cc would take you to task, if they are nice maybe they would allow you to run 370/390/Pro gas.

Again no testing to show how that would go. I understand the logic of wanting to go faster but seems like the Ka100 (Maybe VLR 100cc) are pretty tough competition.

Data and rebuilds would seem to be very important in decision making. Having raced the clone those weenie pipes seem to be first to go, having those handy seemed to be necessary. Perhaps the quality changed?

Gas SS206 is 13ish. Add another 1.5 HP for the alky.

Tilly had a weight break on that video.

SS. ALKY 14.5 HP at 390 LBS Vs. 225RS 15 HP at 360 LBS less weight and more HP make the 225RS equivalent?

Perhaps the inconsistency of the 225RS engine that was alluded to in the Fight for the Best Engine video is the rational?

I think the flywheel? on the 225RS is too light and also the torque curve. The extra HP is not really in good use compare with a ss206. 225RS was designed for dirt race in the first place is what I heard. Throttle modulation is much more important on 225RS than 206.

Rev limiter on the tilly.

FIA is going to use the Tillotson T4 rental kart for their FIA Motorsport Games endurance race. The chassis is the Praga/IPK rental chassis.


You gonna give it a go? (You should).

Interesting, I wasn’t aware that a Tillotson branded rental is a thing. Thanks for this.

It would appear that your soon to be bankrupt employer is behind this? @tankyx

No they are not, this is a FIA thing

Ah there’s a Motorsport games sticker on the nosecone of the tilly

Eh, what? [Citation Needed}

The nosecone sticker says Motorsport games.

You mentioned bankruptcy though?

You seen the deets? Sketchy as heck.

Here’s an example:

The ceo gave himself a 5 mil payday despite their worst loss year ever. I think they burned through 30m or something.

Lots of acquisitions. Lots. It’s almost as if they hope that by continually buying titles they appear to be “growing” yet they seem to basically do nothing with the titles they acquire.

In the case of KK, they appear to have bought the title for peanuts and then taken it “gold” to rapidly generate some cash, despite the game not being close to gold.

And here’s their stock performance:

On the plus side, maybe this means we get a tilly for KK.