What camera should I get

sweet. itll need to be tough with the inevitable first lap crash. The question is how do you find it if it flies off. Could probably find one at any popular track.

In my case, it kept filming and there’s an app that allows you to see what your camera is seeing. Process of elimination.

If you happen to find a starter battery when looking for your camera, I lost one. :grinning:

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I’ll let you know if I find one.

I know it’s been a bit but I finally got a GoPro hero 5. I’m wondering what accessories and case I need. And if there is anything I need to know. Thanks!

Accessory wise nothing really. I use the stick back mount on faring and helmet. I use a foam wind cover that is optional. The 5 had good audio.

Unfortunately I can’t helmet mount. Should a get the frame case or waterproof case?

Also I’m open to recommendations on sd cards

I just used the case that comes with it. The frame that holds it to the mount. The sticky mount on raditor is an option.

Would the sticky mount on the front fairing work? And do I need to hurry rig it in case of a crash so it doesn’t go flying?

It did for me. I stuck it up top on the faring. Since you have a 5, the shake reduction is good enough.

I am using a old Hero 3 Silver. No stabilization and film is a bit shaky. Mostly mounted on front fairing to see the track and what my feet are doing in terms of braking/acceleration zones. Only downside of a fairing mount is you can’t see what your hands are doing. As I am trying to get a better sense of how and where I can improve my corner speed I am shifting to a radiator mount.

I have seen several videos with this set up and looks to be a good training tool. Also, I think the water in the radiator may provide some dampening to the camera image for those without stabilization. For those running air cooled engines, I have seen guys using a RAM style mount attached to the kart frame seat strut.

This Guy has his sh*t together when it comes to camera mounting options.

Is there a filming difference between the waterproof case and the frame case?

The image stabilization starting on the 5 black makes a big difference in kart videos because there’s so much shaking no matter where mounted. The 6 black was similar to the 5 as were the lower model 7’s. The 7 black was a big step forward in images stabilization and then the newest 8 black is slightly better than that. Choose the best your budget will allow in my opinion.

Oh, last question, what mode do you guys film in?

I film 2.7K 16:9 at 60fps

Thats pretty big files tho. You could do 1080 60 and thats plenty good for phones and stuff. Basically, whatever your PC can handle.

Shoot in whatever mode gives you the most frames per sec (fps). My 3 Silver allows 60 fps in 720p but drops to 30 fps if I shoot 1080p. Newer models have higher pixel counts with faster frame rates. I saw the 7 black was capable of shooting 240 fps in 1080p, 120 fps in 2.7k and 60 fps in 4k. With karts moving so fast and so close to the ground, the higher the frame rate will yeild better quality video.

Thanks, and I assume standard pov angle?

I use ultra wide. The smoothing crops it a bit.

You will need to have a phillips head with you to tighten the camera mount once you find ideal angle. Crank it down, but don’t overdo it.

Mine isn’t coming with a case. I bought it refurbished for $100. Should I get the frame or waterproof? I don’t want it falling out. Ultra wide seems smart. Thank you!

Skeleton Case :skull::skull::skull::skull: