What did you do to your kart today?

Probably doesn’t matter anyway since you don’t tighten the hell out of the cassette screw. I barely tightens them after I have align the axle, axle and bearing will settle when it got some load on it. Things will flex with each other. Keep things straight from the beginning is always a good bet.

I agree with this statement.

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Been experimenting with chassis cleaning. I have been power washing, which I know is not ideal. So I’m been experimenting with Minerial Spirits and a high pressure gun.

I would recommend against power washing, similar to mountain bikes, the risk is penetrating the bearings and contaminating them by flushing out the grease and causing rust. Everyone has a method, for me I’ll wipe it down with wd40 and a diluted dish soap spray. Mineral spirits is probably fine too.

Too keep the post on topic, finalizing the kart today, bled brakes. , used a large rubber eraser attachment to clean up tire doughnuts on bodywork, and piecing things together.

Tub O’ Towels is where it’s at.

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I love Tub o Towels!

Worked on my Top Kart Flash brake again today but it still leaks. Bores in the caliper have too much damage to get a seal even after a light honing. No calipers available so not sure what I’m going to do :man_shrugging:

Buy an MCP caliper set and fab her up. Thats what we do once the expensive/unique brake systems start failing. Back to ol reliable.


Maybe you can get the cylinders or pistons machined to take a larger seal? Have pictures of the internals?

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I am switching to MCP but not because of a problem with the brake on the kart from a reliability or stopping function. One of the many changes this offseason.


Thanks for the replies. I don’t give up easy so I stripped the caliper again and honed it a little more then reassembled it. Works great now! Seals are still nice and snug in the bores so I’m hopeful this will be a lasting fix.


Very impressed with the standard of your restoration . Would you care to elaborate on the technique and equipment you used to hone the caliper bores. Thanks!

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Prepping for some fresh paint, I have opted for Subaru World Rally Blue. The closest one to Oem paint :grin:


Thanks. This is the kind of hone that I used for the caliper.

I just ran it real slow in my cordless drill with lots of WD40 to lubricate the stones. Just don’t go crazy, a little bit at a time.

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As the owner of an STI, I approve of this color😉

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Just went through all my clutches and ordered a few Stinger parts to finish off the last one. Starting the season with 4 (2 Flames, 2 Stingers). Haven’t really used Stingers much, but figured I’d give them a go.

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I have a praga and i would like to repaint it, How do i do wit the metall emblem back that says the model nr. In poland i have conrtacts that can do powdercoating for baisicly free for like 15euro

Just cover it with some painters tape. Or if you are powder coating it just add some temp resistant tape to it. Don’t sand on it or destroy the serial numbers.

The company you are sending it to probably know how to do it

Great info. Much appreciated!

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Yeah hopefully! i wil leave a note to them

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