What did you do to your kart today?

I’m sorry but can we talk about the white body behind the kart? Don’t act like I didn’t see that bad boy…lol

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That was discussed over here

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You are doing it right imho! When I was racing I would always completely strip the kart after every event including the engines.

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You’re as much as a perfectionist as me! Since I’m not trying to shave grams off the kart this season I was considering buying those. Let me know how they work out for you.

if you get one let me know how the bottom slider is, I have my adjuster I designed that works but it takes a bit longer to rebolt, this might help to make a quick pit stop and change seat position.

Finally began to assembly the kart! Took 7 hours from bare frame to this, cooler, engine, front discs and lap timer is next on the schedule.

Trilled :grin:


That’s a cool looking floor pan graphics wise

Yes agree! Love the new energy stickers :grin: I’m going custom this year tho

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I wish I was as detailed as you. The only reason the frame is torn down this far is because it’s brand new! Haha.

As for the mounts time will tell I suppose. Not happy with the only install instructions being a 3rd party sponsored video on their site. I also swear it’s impossible to do the bottom mounts without tension on the seat. I’d like to see more simple 3 or 5 hole options for the side plates too. Having to mount more plates for the seat stays is tough finding space for everything and now I’ve got a bunch of extra metal bolted to a flexing seat.

In the past I never really moved my seat except in extreme instances because it was such a pain to do so. If the suffering up front allows me a good tuning tool in easy seat adjustments then it will be worth it….I hope.


You look pretty far back. Mine’s way back there and I don’t feel any negatives on the front end feel or turn-in, especially on the newer chassis. We have been pulling caster out of the '22s and up.

That pic is actually my “full forward” position 20mm forward of my standard from my ‘21 chassis. Furthest back I could get my beefy size 3 seat was 650/655mm and in that pic it’s 630/635. I figure if I can have options between 630-650 for adjustments that should be all that I’ll ever need.

OTKs seat chart causes tons of heartburn for someone who’s 180cm but also needs a size 3 seat cause there’s no way to get to their suggested measurements, but that’s a discussion for a different thread.

Interesting note on the caster, you’ve been going less than standard position on them?

Yes. Running the zero offset pills on top so half caster out then playing with front track width to fine tune from there.

Removed rubber and put numbers on my new ride for 2023. I got in the kart for the first time this year over the weekend and did 96 laps!



Yousef, is your main thing the Baltimore airport adjacent track? I saw something about them moving?

wow, how did you get it so clean and free of tire marks?

Honestly, I tried all the chemicals that everyone recommended on here and get very slow results. Then I found a video from KartRepublic on YouTube that suggested using a razor blade as a last resort. I held it at about a 120 degree angle and gently scraped back and forth. It worked really well but there is a risk of going too far and scraping the graphics. Mine are not pristine so I wasn’t too worried. I think it turned out well!

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That’s my home track yes. There was confusing messaging around the move over the winter. I believe that they are opening a second location for rentals only. At first everyone thought they were moving the track that we use for competition karts, and I was gutted as I really liked that circuit and know it well. It turns out that they are not moving after all, so that’s good. It’s opening weekend this week so we’ll see!

Have you ever driven this track, Dom?

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Nice job! How’d your ribs and neck hold up?

Yes! I did one TKC race at the Baltimore airport track and adored it. It’s so wild with no real straight and wide aprons. Really enjoyable and fun to race. I was bummed to hear that they were “closing” BWI track, having wanted to return eventually. Good to hear it’s not going bye-bye.

Yes, nice combination of sweeping corners and tight stuff, and those wide aprons make for interesting racing!