What did you do to your kart today?

fun fact is acualy i dont want to switch to this new livery / bodywork

So i have acually a pretty new chassi with this older 2018 to early 2020 dragon design which i like alot more then the new one ( i dont kno how much longer i can stick with the livery tho : (

so im thinking about getting a kg508 template and doing a cutom so i still have this nice livery i have seen some guy do this it looks really nice!

That’s pretty cool looking though. Cross between deep ocean fish and a spaceship.

How it’s going at the moment…


We’ll call this “before”


Seasons starting! I’ve seen getting the kart ready but that’s a whole new last minute :rofl:

Good luck man. Really looking forward to following your chassis build and results :+1::+1:

Oh nice, hope you start a separate build thread on here! My friend that I use to race with in England builds kart chassis Raider Karts. Good luck to you that will be a great project :+1:

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So this is where baby karts come from.


The Praga livery is some of the best looking IMHO.

Not today. But yesterday. Coaching before rolling out of the first race of the kiddos move to cadet.


Hows it going? Mine is doing the same transition this year and I am very nervous!

He’s doing great. We are still off pace. But the consistency is there. Incremental improvements every time out. I was terrified for the first round of rolling starts. But he managed them as well as I could expect. Navigated the chaos without getting caught up.

Running 2 stroke and 4 stroke in the same day is a lot for a fresh 7 year old. I thought we had done enough conditioning. But based on the finals. Watching head lean and late to the gas. He was tired. But a successful day with no bent parts.


At that size and age it’s hard to condition enough to run 2 karts. It gets better, but 2 day shows it’s really apparent.

Yeah for the 2 day events he’s only running 1. Using all the club races to run 2

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New kart day for me!!


Finally got my stickers kit, very pleased with the looks. Will do good on my energy kart.

Will apply it next week🤙🏻


Put on new tires over the weekend, only to have our race get canceled due to a storm. Gonna swap the practice tires back on to get some laps in before next month’s race. Man, I could use another set of wheels.

Also installed a new drive sprocket, topped off the brakes, and scaled/added weight to my son’s kart.

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Ahh man I miss my ‘95 Alpine white M3. Was my first track car!

Additional sets of wheels will eventually happen for the reason you noted…let it happen…feel the money depart from your wallet.

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Slowly getting ready for this weekend at NCMP. Got both karts scaled out and setup. Dragging a new guy into the mix with my spare kart, only had to hang 90lbs to get him up to weight. That was a challenge but the numbers are spot on. Couple more fiddly things and ready to pitch fork it all in the trailer. Getting excited!


I’ll be there! What class are you two running? I’m in 206 Masters.