What did you do to your kart today?

Nice! Mine’s a '99. I’ve had it for 10 years and never plan on parting with it. All of my track car dreams for it are currently manifesting in my karting budget, so it’s stock with the exception of a cat-back. I’ve also refreshed the cooling system and done a bunch of annoying things like fix the headliner, replace the sunroof cassette, etc.

And yes, extra sets of wheels will materialize at some point. Ideally, my sons and I eventually land on one chassis/component platform, like OTK, before we start buying up all the extras. For now, we’re on a first-year budget, with second-hand stuff that we got good deals on.


After getting back in, I ran the last 4 races of the season in Sportsman, but I am thinking really hard about switching over to Masters this year. If I can get in a little better shape, I may run both from time to time.

Looks like they just pushed the race to the following weekend, so Sunday practice it is… Maybe see you out there!

Yeah, I saw the date was pushed out, definitely a bummer. Apple Weather shows Sunday as nice and sunny. I won’t be there Sunday, it’s far enough away I just show up on race day.

Got her mostly built today. Got a few small issues to work through. Then on to motor mounting.


Looks good. Curious on the Jecko and KG bodywork on the Kosmic. Personal preference?

Jecko is definitely preference. I just enjoy the comfort and support. KG fairing. I have weight concerns. And the otk hot dog is heavy as hell. But I’m an aero nerd so I can just do a dynamica or something


What sort of modifications did you have to do in order to put the KG Nassau?

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You will need KG507/508 specific brackets for the upper and lower part of the Nassau :+1:t2:

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Today finish all the transfer jobs from the house to the new garage. From now on we will start working on a tony chassis with a iame 175cc engine on. And 2 more chassis are on hold for future jobs.

Its that feeling that life is sweeter and more colorful that I get after been with that small cars that can’t compare with anything.

Cheers from greece


This worked for me, and saved me a few bucks for the front bracket. Just had to spend a little time bending and trial fitting. On the brackets by the steering, I had to twist them a little on the end to get them to fit, but it wasn’t too tough.

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Chris, what seat is that in the closer pictured kart?

I don’t know a ton about it, except I want another one! I scored it from the Lawson camp at the OVKA swap meet, brand new for $40. I think it’s a blem, given some minor cosmetic flaws on the carbon layer. The tag laminated on the bottom says it’s a Beasley T11XLD. I’ve never seen or heard of this seat anywhere, but it seems to have similar driving position to the T11, but the sides are about 1.5" taller and it doesn’t flare out as much at the hips. I am thinking the “D” means deep haha.

I’m not really a huge guy per se (5’11" 190lb), but I am kinda barrel chested, so normal seats kill my ribs and I spend most of the time trying to not get pitched out of the thing. I ran this chair for the first time yesterday and it was a game changer! I could finally relax, focus on wheel work and my lap times showed big improvement.

If anyone has any insight on this thing, or how to get another, please share!

One of the 4-stroke fellas here seems to be a beasly aficionado.he will likely have info.

I am not aware if beasley made any production versions of their seat in carbon fiber. Maybe it was a 1 off for Gary? If you scored a Carbon Beasley in their current design for $40 then you did very well. The beasley seat that I use is the only seat I will ever sit in again.

That Carbon Seat doesn’t look like the laydown to me.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the laydown. I sat in one of those and wasn’t really what I was after.

I kinda dug around, but haven’t had much luck finding a contact for Beasley. I’d like to see if they are available or even if they would sell the mold. This seat has basically made karting possible for me and I want a spare if I have to pour it myself! haha

Aluminum Chain Carrier

Magnisium Chain Carrier

Aluminum Hub

Magnesium Hub

Brake Caliper location, about 1/16 inch inside rotor diameter.

Rear end assembled, I also rebuilt bearings.

Last step is making the brake line from MC to Caliper.


Is this a PCR chassis?

A little before…

and after…

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The chassis is Intrepid Freedom F4K No 0150

A team chassis used in 2020 (tubing from 2015) that broke at the rear cross bar prior to me buying after CKNA grands. There is some other posts about rebuilding the chassis back at the end of 2020/early 2021