What did you do to your kart today?

Finally installed the graphics kit today! Turned out great! Eager to take it out to track now for sure :heart_eyes:


I vote to remove the 20 character minimum requirements.


I find it as a fun quirk of this website. I giggle every time I type or read “20 chars” or if it was really a really short post “20 characters” hehehe

Ohh ohh ohhh … just lovely ! Lovely .

It yelling to get her out in the track !

Greetings from greece

Gutted and cleaned. :crazy_face:

Might go up for sale. Thinking about ordering another new rolling chassis.


I am super happy with the end results! Better than expected, both her and I screams to get out to the track :joy: To cold in Sweden at the moment, there is a race next weekend but I will not participate unfortunately.

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Almost ready for shake down.


Installed my foot brace. It should keep my right foot from fowling the throttle cable.


I find my heels move is the bottom bar. Not sure what to do.

20 is default and I think it’s pretty reasonable.

The idea being that if what needs to be said is not xxx characters it probably doesn’t warrant a post and should either be expanded on, or just be a reaction.

It’s imperfect of course because SOME PEOPLE just say “20 characters”. All I can say is that encourages me to make posts relevant and take time to expand on them if needed.

I can make it 140 if people prefer though😆


I decided to run KA Masters at KRA 1 this weekend with the ol’ EOS.


Not to deviate from the point at hand. I did not do all of these things today, but rather over the course of the last few weeks.

  1. Had the left side seat mount re-welded on the chassis. It seems my jaunt through the neighborhood on Halloween dressed as Luigi was the last nail in the coffin for my last repair. Still it was a blast and the whole neighborhood was cheering me on.

  2. Went out to the track for a test and tune day. Shook the dust off myself and the kart. Ended up breaking my throttle cable, which was just a matter of time anyway. Always thought it was a poor design on the guillotine slide carbs to have the cable drop straight in from the top when there are 90* bends available.

  3. Ordered a new cable along with the 90* bend and Acquired a few new Main Jets for my Rok GP to compensate for these North Texas Spring temp swings. 35 degrees one day and 85 the next. This proved later to be not enough as I am still getting accustomed to swapping jet instead of just turning needles.

  4. Nut and bolted everything only to realize I forgot to order a new clutch sprocket as mine is starting to get that hook toothed look.

  5. Competed in my first race of the season. It was Great. Okay, maybe not Great, but very satisfying.

I had a similar issue when I first started racing. I found my foot blipping the exposed throttle cable in tight or bumpy corners. It made it hard to be smooth on corner exit.

I went to a Bicycle Shop and purchased a cable stop for a chain de-railer, tapped the hole to screw in the sleeve adjuster and mounted it closer to the throttle pedal. Not only did it shorten the amount of cable exposed out of the sleeve, it lowered the cable so my foot was less likely to contact it. Added bonus was the added weight was negligible as compare to mounting a guard. I think I paid less than $10 for it.


Remove everything from the chassis and measure for any bending , start again from ground zero ,

I thing we gonna refresh the paint on that , im very excited that at the end i will hear the 175cc iame sound . But thats a long story . First things , first .
Good evening mates


Just working on organizing this garage until I pull the trigger on a full blown setup. Put in a new workbench and shelving system. What a huge difference.


Kart is buttoned up. Need to pick a sprocket and get that and a chain on. But tomorrow we scale. Trying a new seat so want to make sure it’s got proper balance


@KartingIsLife I used to think you were alright…bwahahaha

Woh. Those graphics look cool as from the glimpse I have

What are you using as a reference for mounting the Jecko? Completely different shape to the OTK or Tillet.