What did you do to your kart today?

Yes, that was what I was concerned about - the filter. I’ve heard you should put a filter of some sort on the fuel catch, but that was the best I had with what’s in my garage at the moment. It looks kind of funky, but it seems pretty snug.

They got Master Shifter for a reason!

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A little winter maintenance. Although it is only a year and half old it needs a little love. Found a crack starting on the frame behind the engine mount. I have welded it up and will probably send it out to be powder coated. My oldest boy is moving up next year and will need a bigger kart so we will hand this down to my youngest.


My son and I finally pulled the motors, drained the oil and got the motors ready to go for a refresh. Now to tear the kart down to a bare frame to make sure they’re straight after a couple of eventful street races!

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Intrepid Freedom? Thats my guess!

Mine was cracked on the cross bar in the rear to the main frame rails. Still have it, won a ton of races on it.

Really curious what it takes to become a dealer. Do you just call 'em up and ask how much stuff do I have to buy to get started? Are there quotas to remain a dealer? Hopefully you’re allowed to share some of this info.

There are a couple of brands missing out here in the Southwest that I wish we had support for.

Every distributor and supplier is different as far as the requirements to be a dealer. You typically have to be a legitimate legal business, you have to buy a certain amount of stuff, and sometimes there are quotas that need to be met to maintain price points or dealership all together.

Some places are very picky about who they award dealership status to.

A lot of companies have that information on their websites along with dealer applications.

Yeah like @CrocIndy said it really depends on the company. Some require very little buy in and some require a quite large one. Some want a full brick and mortar store, though I believe most have become more lenient on this. If there’s a large hole around you for dealerships with a certain brand you’re more likely to secure a dealership. Sometimes brands will protect their dealers by not having too many stacked on each other, but that also varies.

OTK Exprit Rookie. In all fairness this has been a great kart but it has been to hell and back in its short 1 1/2 years. My son hand a pretty horrible flip in it last year that ended our season early. After some time on the frame table and new spindles tie-rods and steering column it was as good as new. This year we did at least 25 races and countless hours of practice.
My son won the championship in 2 race series this season.
I will make it beautiful again this winter and it will be the perfect kart for youngest boy to get some experience in next summer.


It is time for truing an oldtimer pre evo crankshaft and a cup of coffee .


How does one true the coffee?smash it vigorously?

Ahhh the trusty Beta copper hammer, I have the exact same model. Truing like a beast :smile:

Not so much the kart but the kart stand. Off-season maintenance of Dewalt adapter for 12v battery. I have had it using the dewalt battery for last 2 seasons but just had zip ties and spade connectors. So made it more legit.

Upgrading cable output of online adapter

All installed

With Battery

The battery lasts about 3 days of use at the track. I have two so I am never caught with a dead battery.


Making a new and stronger main bracket for the new semi automatic kart stand i bought from mondokart . The standart bracket is useless and lost his shape on the third attempt to raise the kart from the floor .

The mechanism for the movement of the belt is also a cheap one and must be put it in the garbage bin . I am a happy customer from mondo with no complains but the semi automatic kart from them is a no no option … i will fix it but im unhappy . the black is the defect one and the non coloured is the bracket we made here for a stronger replacement .


Got new decals installed. Really happy with the way they turned out.


I started getting this together:


There really is nothing like a big ‘means business’ KZ exhaust system.


Nice looking Rok exhaust… Want to order the new big silencer for mine.

They run a kz length silencer in Europe, not sure why the US got something different. Just be aware that all the long rok silencers aren’t technically legal for Rok competition in the US

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I’ve heard that, but the fiche on the RokCupUSA website show the long version and the 2023 usa rules don’t specify which, only that it has to be unmodified. :person_shrugging:

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