What did you do to your kart today?

Maybe what I should do with my ignite is give it to one of the kids (have on in mind already, this isn’t an invite for applications) . There’s a lad in college that borrows it from time to time.
I do not like this kart ownership ball and chain.

I’m waiting for a tweet from some lad in college unequivocally stating that he will NOT be driving for DC Karting next season. :rofl:

@Bimodal_Rocket, you are a good person! :+1:

Well I also don’t want to deal with it. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

I got no help. Not gonna keep trying.

Edit: tis done. Off you go, Maggie.

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Finally making some progress! I’ve been slowly sorting and organizing the pile of gear I ended up with. We are putting one together to hopefully hit the track for the first time in the next couple weeks.

My 6 year old has been a surprisingly big help, he says he loves working on them but isn’t sure about racing yet… I think once we get going his mind will change… I hope.

My rib protector should be sitting on my doorstep now, so now I can look for a chair that fits me and get that hung. I was bored last night, so I drew up some number panels panels in cad and cut them out of some vinyl on my Cri-cut. It’s decent vinyl, so hopefully they don’t rub off right away.


I wonder what is the best way to create the conditions where he will want to try. Maybe just dad doing it.

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Love to see the little ones involved. My kid karter got hooked the same way. Teach him as much as you can in the shop and it will save you headaches down the road. Lots of dads are super proud of how their kid drives or when they win. One oy my most proud things is that my son (just turned 7) sets his own tire pressures (and mine when I am in a rush to the grid).


That’s what I am hoping. I want him to know the opportunity is there, and hopefully lead him into it. Ultimately his choice though.

That’s awesome! I was raised with shop time with my old man, so trying to do the same with my kid.

Are you going to be at Whiteland this eve? We were going to stop out and watch for a bit.

Yes, see you there! Stop by Garage 32 down by turn 1 and say hello.

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Patiently awaiting my kids new kart to arrive. Need to order his 206 soon for the old one. Got his new seats yesterday so probably try to get those mounted

Nice shop, kart, and helper!

Just FYI, you might already know this but The axle collars holding on the rear hubs are great insurance, but not 100% necessary.

Also recommend tighten up up the brake pedal safety wire and electrical taping or zip tie to the rod so it’s not rubbing your suit and looks tidier.

Splurged on a set of Japanese axle bearings. If I spun the axle by hand, I might have gotten about 10 seconds of wheel spin. But now, its more like 40+ seconds and they are not even broken in yet. Either I didn’t realize my old bearings were that bad, or it never occurred to me that a more expensive set were that good. :man_shrugging:

You really can’t judge effectively with cold unloaded bearings on the stand. Especially if you’re pulling the chain that has its own varying level of resistance depending on tension, dirt level and lube.

If you cleaned the old bearings out with brake cleaner and lubed with WD40 you’d find the axle would spin for a long time.

It’s still very satisfying though.

Thanks for the compliments!

We just picked them up a couple weeks ago and am in the process of getting that black one fitted up to me. The previous owner was way smaller than I am, so I still have to redo all the pedal rods and cables yet, I will definetly tie up the brake safety wire like you suggest, I could see how that could chew through a suit.

Took it apart for a clean and to reset everything back for factory baseline setup. That included an axle change, and I timed myself doing it for everyone’s info…

10:13 to change the axle from start to finish, including re-aligning the chain and a quick clean wipe of the bearings when it was out. And I was moving at a fairly relaxed pace. I’ve taken longer poops at the track, so don’t give me any excuses that you can’t get an axle changed between sessions!

With a sense of urgency and a little more preparedness beforehand, I think 7 minutes is probably a pretty reasonable time.