Where To Purchase Racing Gear And What Do I Buy?

Ok so I finally got the Rotax ready to take to the track for practice days now I need some gear. Mostly just need a moderately priced suit and rib protector. I already have a decent
helmet and don’t laugh but I’m going to use my old boots and Sparco gloves from when I quit in 1990! I raced 250 gearbox on long circuit so we had to wear leather suits, I still have mine and it fits but I don’t want to look like a total idiot out there. Anyway when I was racing my seats were the wrap around kind and I padded areas that were loose or uncomfortable. After karting I did a lot of Supermoto racing and I sustained several broken ribs and other rib injuries which still bother me. My kart is a Topkart with what I assume is their proprietary seat which is slightly loose when I have just a tshirt on but I would imagine with a rib protector it would be ok. So what suit and rib protector would you all suggest and where to purchase? I will also be buying a suit for my 23 year old daughter to wear just for practice days.

You’ll get different recommendations on which vest is best because everyone is different shape/size but the Bengio is a popular option and what has kept me karting after a couple bad rib injuries. More here:

For suits, go with a reputable brand and not an eBay knock-off. Sparco, alpinestats, or OMP make great entry level suits at a reasonable price. More here:


At around 250 the sparco Kerb is a good value (suit). K1 makes the least expensive starter suit. They also make inexpensive gloves etc. For gloves, a nice pair makes sense. I find the minis 273 to be very good feeling (and fun).

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