Front spoiler damage

Hello everybody,
I have this damage to the front spoiler on the right side (circled in red). They hit me and it went back a little below, you can see the difference from the left side.

Could I have problems with aerodynamic balance in the corners? I already know that the answer will be “absolutely not”, but I’m very picky and I would like to have a confirm from who have more experience :grin:.

Thank you!

Spoiler alert…

That isn’t a spoiler. No impact from the impact.

someone won supernats with a faring that was 90 degrees sideways

Zero affect on aero. Karts are poor aerodynamically anyway. You’ll be fine.

Here are a few topics on aero if you’d like to read:


Very interesting, thank you!

Yep you’re fine. I think pointing your two index fingers out from the steering wheel might have more effect.

Sorry but I think I didn’t understand what you mean :grimacing:

Unless the damage causes it to drag, should be fine. I’ve had mangled nosecones cause the front end to have less grip (and the kart plows straight).

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A heat gun and a little finesse may bring some of that out if you are worried about appearance or aerodynamics.

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If there are no holes in the nose and the dent is not too severe, sometimes an air gun can blow it back into shape. The heat gun idea will help. If it’s creased this may be not work.


Unfortunately there is a small hole. Can duct tape fit well?

I have used a long thin screwdriver or metal rod to push the dents out with deceht success. As mentioned above some heat makes life easier.

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