Go Karting Leagues in NJ?

Hello! I’ve recently become interested in Go Karting. I’m in New Jersey and I was wondering if there’s any websites or forums where I can join someone’s league? For instance I know there’s go karting leagues at a local track called Speed Raceway but none of my friends have any interest in go karting. Hoping to find some people with a common interest!

A few ways to go though we are not swimming in choices.

NJMP: has rental leagues. A lot of fun but karts are old.

Ovrp: A track/club just over the border in NY. No rental leagues but they do have rental karts. A good place to start owner-racing as they have a club spec margay lo206 series. Cheapest way to get started in owner karts.

Englishtown: Home of the F-series club and there are rentals available from full tilt racing on race weekends (Saturday). Call to reserve. You also have to buy a pit pass when renting at etown. In my opinion, not really a rental scene as the karts are only there when Keith has butts that reserved them.

K1 speed or RPM or whatever it’s called these days in Jersey city. Electric indoor. Had plans for a series then covid hit. Call them maybe.

There are a number of rental places indoors across NJ. Some are better than others. Also worth a mention is the crazy NY indoor place in Mt Kisco, GPNY.

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Oh one other thing:

Touring Kart Championship by Alex and Matteo travel around tracks in our area. It’s a low key rental championship that you could hop right into. We have a couple races coming up.

Contact Alec for details as site says schedule over (it’s not).

Alec Vidal

Event Manager


[email protected]

Oh. The way this works is take your buddies to the track once you have gotten it sort of figured out. One thing leads to another. If you are still living with parents etc, might have to get creative about how important social interaction is and how perfect karting would be to reconnect with your pals and make new ones. :grinning:

If you are somewhat outgoing, you can make pals at the leagues. In fact, we (former NJMP rental racers) have a discord started by a clever guy named Ethan who got into racing. He started this because of the league. It’s grown a bit to include folks from outside the tri state area. Originally just karters from the league, it sort of morphed into an ovrp/fseries/rental enthusiast thing. There’s a fair amount of stupidity because internet but it’s also useful in terms of keeping abreast of what’s going on and finding folks to race with etc.

If you want an invite lmk.