Karting Sim Discussion

Given that we like to sim here and like to kart, I think this particular subject deserves it’s own topic… So here we go…

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Come to think of it, if KK survives and makes it to a final form someday, perhaps we could have a “sim version” of HoOH. I would love it if someone ultimately mods 100cc older engines/carbs. @Alan_Dove It’s a pipe dream, I know.

There was a 100cc kart as part of the kartsim mod for RFactor.
It was pretty fun, I’ve blown up an engine or two on it.

The game kart racing pro has all engines known to man kind and from retro to 2023 karts all for free. 2017 bodywork to 2023 is payed for 20euro

I know but I like kk. Kart sim felt wooden to me.

Nahh not kart sim… kart racing pro its on steam

yeah I have it. Thats the one I tried but moved on from. I didnt give it a fair shot though.

i didnt like it at first… but when you get the setup right its so uch better then kart kraft. all eu tracks almost. The setup is a rain setup on dry… as small widh back as possible wide front alot of toe, low seat, as far to front as it can go, and its soo nice. If you give it a try i can share you my setup

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This looks like a very fun karting game

Here’s an arcadey type kart game that also isn’t. The kart models are surprisingly good and the circuits are real circuits (I think). It’s not a sim, but the reviewer says it’s really enjoyable and it seems quite chill.

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Had this recommend to me on YouTube the other day, looks so fun!

My son tried hosting a KRP race last night. A few people joined his server but were quickly “ejected.” Anyone know why this could happen? I think I set the max ping pretty low, so maybe they had too high of a ping?

Hmm. Maybe he has to accept them or something… @Awa

One of his buddies and a random were able to play. The friend is in the same city so he probably had a low ping and the random appeared to have a lower ping as well with no erratic movements. But two others were ejected. So it probably wasn’t firewall/network related.

I think I had a “kartpulse” KRP server running at one point. I could fire it up again if people are interested.

I’ve got it. Pretty fun game, surprisingly difficult to do well. The karts have a decent “karty” feel to them. There’s not a ton of tracks, so a couple hours in I have most of the layouts down except maybe 2. It’s in early access so I’m hoping more stuff will get released.

Online is currently ghost racing only, I’m guessing they’re working out the netcode and stuff. You can only unlock customization through one specific offline mode, and there’s not a ton of things to customize but it’s still not bad.

I was talking with someone, maybe Xander, at one of the winter events. Stuff like this is really something karting has needed for a while. Sure, KartKraft and KRP are cool to have as a semi-realistic karting experience, but a game that’s easy to pick up and play for the general population would help the visibility of karting 10x more than a sim will.


I’d agree with that. This appears fun and aracdey but the karts are legit and I think people might have their interest piqued!

It’d be cool to see a KC/USPKS/SKUSA tie. Don’t even need the tracks, but having the drivers in the game would be super fun, they already have Tony Kanaan in the game right now.

I’d really like to see a livery/suit editor, but I imagine a studio of 5 people would take a while to make/implement. My friend has found a way to change names and appearances of the AI in the game though.

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Krp has shit online if a hlst doesnt do a server… with like 2000 mbps/s hosting from own computer and playing is nono. Sad reality… he could join a krp league on discord

Does host have to pay for server for it to be good or something?

Hmmmmm. So you want me to play nice and use the other sim one for my general ramblings? Like this one is specific to KK, KRP, etc?