KartPulse interviews David Klaus from Briggs Racing


(James McMahon) #1

Had a great FaceBook live show with David Klaus yesterday. We talked about the origins of the 206 program, what’s in the future (including an updated seal system), tech\maintenance tips and details on how you can win a 206

Full Length Replay On Youtube:

Full Length FaceBook live replay

Briggs 206 Head Gasket Update - Effective Immediately
206 only in US?
(Albert McCracken) #2

I missed the live feed but that was great, cool to hear info straight from the source. Now where’s the link to this survey!? :grin:

(James McMahon) #3

It’ll be a few weeks. Working on getting more goodies for people :slight_smile:

(James McMahon) #4

(James McMahon) #5

@BriggsRacing talks about the work done on each 206 before it leave the factory in Milwaukee.

(James McMahon) #6

Caught this video in the comments from the live show from down under. “Briggs Day Out”. Looks like a great initiative and the video is done pretty well too.

(James McMahon) #7

Highlight from the show:

Maintaining your #Briggs206 Kart Engine

(Rick Brown ) #8

Videos are great! Keep them coming please. I’d love to see one that explains carb tuning (WF and 206) Float heights, jetting, spark plugs etc

(James McMahon) #9

Thanks Rick. The only other video segment I have planned from the show at this time is the part about the updated seal system. This is good feedback for future shows though.

There is a general\basic float setup from Briggs here. Although I think you are looking for something more specific, I’ll post it anyway for the benefit of others.

(Chris Bolander) #10

Any updates on the survey?

(James McMahon) #11

Still working on it. Don’t worry, forum members get first dibs :slight_smile:

(Chris Bolander) #12

Any word on a the survey?

(James McMahon) #13

Yes. It’s not completed yet :slight_smile:
Max respect for persistence though :+1:

(Chris Bolander) #14

:joy: sorry, just would hate if I missed it somehow