The_Karting_Channel presents: The Karting Channel!

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? :scream:

In order to help #keepkartingfun and help bring in more people to the sport, I’ve decided to try to fill a small void in our tiny karting world: Create a lighthearted yet useful online video channel. Karting really doesn’t have a channel to represent us, with reviews of karts, equipment, video race coverage, and entertaining segments.

With help and support from KartPulse we were finally able to round up all our potato cameras and push out 3 videos. I apologize for the video quality, I know it isn’t the best, but as we grow we plan on purchasing better cameras and editing software/hardware. Below is the channel link, don’t forget to like, comment, & subscribe. :sunglasses:

We’ve also decided to create this thread to describe how the channel is going to work, the current planned segment formats, and to have an open forum for us to discuss what you (YES, YOU!) would like to see in the channel.

We will update it on the first and second to last Friday of the month with a minimum of 1 new video per update. Current segments that are in the shooting stages are:

-Technical Videos: I’ve purchased the rattiest, crappiest KT100 known to mankind that literally needs EVERYTHING rebuilt. I’ll rebuild it step by step, top to bottom, in a 6 to 8 video series.
-Kart Reviews: We will review entire karts, chassis, or even engine + chassis combinations. This will likely be the backbone of the channel. If you live in the US Midwest and have any karts we could borrow and drive around for a bit, let us know!
-Reviews of Tracks & Rental Facilities
-Product Reviews
-Can It Fit my Trunk?: We will record videos where we attempt to transport a full size TAG kart to the track in the trunk of a car or SUV using a variety of vehicles of different sizes. From our Mitsubishi SUV, to a Ford Focus Hatch, to a Mini Cooper and Mazda Miata. We will take the kart apart until it fits, then we will rate the car for “Kartability.” :smiley: Our loss, your gain.
-Shop Tours

Let me know if you have any cool ideas!

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What part of the Midwest are you guys in?

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I’m in south western Ohio if you want to borrow a 2012 birel ry30 with a lo206 on it. If you guys are close enough I can lend some help and I’m sure @crg42 would too.


Yup, I’m about a half hour drive from @Easy22 . I have a 2011 crg black star and an unidentified mid 2000 energy kart (that might be an eclipse). Both without motors at the moment.

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We are in the Chicago region, Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is our local dig. But we don’t mind travelling some!

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What are your local tracks?

G&j kartway the local club just celebrated their 51st anniversary and it is a Wka master level track. The OVKA also has one of the biggest swap meets in the area in February.

New Castle Motorsports Park outside of Indy. One of the nicest facilities and has a huge weekly lo206 class (I don’t run that series…yet). The track is super fast and has several national series race there every year.

Wilmington raceway is a local track that some guy decided to build on some property and is a pretty fast fun track. The owner Elmer is the nicest guy I’ve ever met. Let’s people use his shop and always lends a helping hand.

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Let me know if there is anyone in particular you’d like to interview and I can reach out to them.

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I will definitely take up this offer, sir. We’ll see, lots planned.

That sounds awesome! We’ll give you and Alan a shout out when we’re ready to stop by the area.

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One topic that I think would really benefit a big number of folks in practically all classes is a video on how to inspect a used chassis.

Maybe a workflow of checking front to rear. Check Steering geometry for play. Inspect frame for cracks, underneath rails for severe grindage. General things like general cleanliness. Etc.

If you’re up for doing it, start a thread for feedback/ideas “what do you check in a used chassis” (something like that) and I’ll share it on the KP social media channels. We can make the topic into a checklist for folks to go through to compliment your video.

I can do that relatively easily, since my 206 was a used chassis. I can use it as a reference.

I also have a crap 1979 Alpha sprint enduro frame I’m restoring. That thing is a mess.


Update 11/05/16:

I’ve put out a little intro video introducing myself and talking a little more about the channel. Here it is.

It was a quick video to shoot and upload, nothing fancy. Just wanted to put something out there to keep people out of the dark and point them towards the Kartpulse forums. To clarify, future videos will have a better background.

…I think.

We are going to start our KT100 rebuild series soon and I’m pretty excited about that. We’ll have some other videos in between series entries to break things up a little and keep it all interesting.

Instead of setting myself up for a schedule, use the calendar below as something that establishes the order of future events. Also, the next few reviews until spring 2017 will use archive in-kart footage that we’ve shot during the last 2 1/2 years, so it will look a lot like the two reviews we’ve released so far.

  • (KT100 part I) Introduction to KT100 project – why the KT100, importance of the engine to the community, overview of classes.
    (Release FRIDAY 11/25/16, shoot 11/03-11/06, edit 11/06-11/25)

  • Opinion video: Lo206 Aero Wars - WKA enforces CIK bodywork and seat over Gold Cup setup. Fair? Who is right? Is there a performance difference? How will this affect you in a club level?
    (Release FRIDAY 11/25/16, shoot 11/03-11/06, edit 11/06-11/25)

  • (KT100 part II) KT100 project: How does the KT engine work? Review of 2 stroke cycle and the piston port engine

  • OTL Storm Competition Kart (K1 electric kart) review

  • (KT100 part III) KT100 clutch systems overview, disassembly of wet clutch

Let me know if you would like to see a video sooner then the other, I want to keep the community engaged.


I like this little update here. It helps formulate an idea of things to come and what the channel is about.


Agreed. That sneak peek is always really nice with a new channel.

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Righty-O. New update is out, Part 1 of the KT100 rebuild project.

Shot this weeks ago but lost all the footage, until I found a backup of it in my camera’s HD last night (!) A couple of hours was all it took for me to throw that thing together. It was 30 minutes worth of footage condensed into less then 10 minutes of clip.

I had a lot of fun shooting and even editing that thing. Depending on how things go I might just do a 90 degree detour on the original channel plans and base it mostly on engine rebuilds. Just buy some old, perhaps rare engines and run a walkthrough. I can’t resist, this stuff is my jam.

Then do the kart reviews over the summer and when I have the time, since reviews take a long, LONG time to edit.

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@The_Karting_Channel would you guys be interested in testing some new components. They will mainly be OTK, planning on releasing them next year.


I’m curious as to what these are; I run a Kosmic Mercury and am all for new ideas/components

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You don’t even have to ask, that would be awesome! If you can’t release details publicly, send me a PM.

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