1992 ARC/TKM. UK to USA!

My dad purchased this kart in 1998 for me to move from Junior TKM to Senior TKM, as my then current kart had a 28mm chassis and this is 30mm. It is a 1992 kart manufactured by ARC. I used it for 2 seasons, almost winning the Welsh Championship in 1999 before getting another kart. It has been used on and off over the years since then for local sprint races and even endurance races. I emigrated to the US in 2016 and this, along with my very first kart were shipped over in 2019. I have taken the bodywork off that was added in the mid 90’s and reverted it to its original spec to use in VKA events. So far I have driven it at NCMP and in 2019 it was displayed at the Battle at the Brickyard, and even completed a lap of the oval!

I still have the kart program with the for sale advert:

Here is a video still of me driving it in 1999

Here it was being driven at BATB 2019

Finally, here is how it looks now.

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That’s awesome. Looks very light and I would love to drive that puppy! Presumably direct drive 100cc?

With no ballast required on it (hoo friggin ray) it’s very light yes! And yes it is direct drive, started out as 100cc but increased to 115cc with a regulation change in 2004.

I’ll bet it’s quite the drive. Have you driven a modern kart as well?

I’ve raced continuously since having that kart in everything from 125 gearbox to 250 superkarts. I currently have a Stock Honda 125 shifter and an LO206 :slight_smile:

We get an awful lot of nostalgia around here for DD engines. Easy to see why, they look like what a kart should; light and fast. Is that The LO under the cover?

Talk about a Jekyll and Hyde pairing.

Agreed. Call me old fashioned but I think they are real karts, and you haven’t earned your stripes unless you’ve started a DD kart on your own!

That’s my 125 Stock Honda. I only have space for 2 karts so the 125 which is my pride and joy stays in there at all times, and the TKM and 206 alternate between the 2nd bay and a friends house.

Jekyll and Hyde indeed, only 1 of my 206 friends has dared drive the TKM!

Let me know the next time you take it out to ncmp… I have a retro ForumlaA/ICA that i am barely brave enough to run every once in a while. There is actually a decent group around Indy with direct drive 100cc restorations.
I saw you have the SOLO tkm also… Ben Cruttenen that runs Supertune USA, based in Indy, - his family owned Dartford Karting and I believe his dad designed and built that chassis! You should look him up, I bet he would be interested in your project


Thanks Graham, I was aware Ben was in Indy and ran Supertune but it didn’t click about Dartford! I dealt with Jim a lot, or I should say my dad dealt with Jim and bought the SOLO off him for me.

I will definitely let you know next time I take the ARC to NCMP. Good to know there is a good group around Indy for retro 100cc DD karts.

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Ohh another expat. My first kart was a used Jnr TKM ARC (I got it in 1998 but i have no idea how old it was). I raced at Three Sisters and elsewhere until 2009. Moved to the States in 2010, then Vancouver, Canada in 2012. Been here since.

Original TKM with the green maxxis tyres and UK built chassis was the best.

I’ll drive it. :muscle:haven’t met a kart I’m scared of yet.

Hi Nik, I remember you! I think from the KartingUK forums. Indeed, I still have a set of Maxxis green label that I bought in 2009, the last yr they made them which I’ve been tempted to throw on this, I;ve been using Mojo D2’s (the rotax junior tyre) as they have a narrower front similar to the old SLC.

Totally agree with you, still my favourite era of karting.

Well to be fair, you are an accomplished Shifter driver so that doesn’t include you.

I highly approve of this topic. Direct drive was my favorite type of kart. Sure shifters are fast and brutal, but they’re kinda obese too. There’s something magical about how a nicely powered 100cc direct drive kart feels at 308lbs. Although mine is probably more like 360 with me in it now ha.

It’s starting to sound like we need to get a bunch of people to NCMP one day. I have two aircooled rotaries… Vortex VR98 and a PCR TSV95. Chassis is an '06 wildkart so not quite period correct.

That said, I do really like the late model 100cc concept with the clutch.

Here’s a few topics to chew on…

Thanks James! I’ll take a look. I’m all for that. I can only test the TKM with VKA at the moment as it isn’t classified as old enough (cut off is 30 yrs, this is 28 yrs old) so would be good to have a get together of some old school stuff.

I LOVE lifting this on and off the stand easily, without 50lbs + of additional lead.

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Here is some video footage of my first run at NCMP

Oh that might be concerning. I must be getting old if I’m remembered for my forum activity above my driving :sob: