CIK Homolgation Document Archive (and more)

Following a conversation today with @Eric_Gunderson, I’m uploading the various docs I’ve acquired over the years. Feel free to upload your own, if you’re on a desktop\laptop you can just drag and drop the files!


2005 CRG_Kart_Tuning_Manual from SSC.pdf (1.2 MB)
CRG_Road Rebel Manual Year Unknown.pdf (1.1 MB)
GP GP06 Kart Chassis homologation 05 CH 08.pdf (219.1 KB)
sodi Manual_EVO5_EN_2008.pdf (2.4 MB)
sodi Manual_NORDIC_EN_2008.pdf (2.4 MB)
Sodi Manual_SR5_BV_EN_2008.pdf (2.7 MB)
Sodi Manual_SR5_EN_2008.pdf (2.0 MB)
BS1 brake system Homologation Sheet.pdf (453.5 KB)
Kosmic 2009 Seat Position.PDF (189.0 KB)
Kosmic J3 Knowledge packet V2.PDF (1.1 MB)

Engines: 100cc Direct Drive Formula A, Super A ICA.

100cc ICA FA FSA Engine List 1995.pdf (81.1 KB)
100cc ICA FA FSA Engine moteurs List 1998.pdf (77.2 KB)
Italisistem Saetta SV31 Front Rotary Homologation.pdf (334.5 KB)
Italisistem Saetta SV21 Front Rotary Homologation.pdf (1.6 MB)
TM K11B_fiches_FA.pdf (3.2 MB)
Vortex_VRCW.pdf (528.2 KB)
moteurs-2001.pdf (77.9 KB)
Rotax_R100_VM92_VMC_Homologation.pdf (647.1 KB)
Italsistem MV31.pdf (1.5 MB)

Carburettors 100cc

Carburateur IBEA L5.pdf (338.3 KB)
Ibea L6.pdf (440.0 KB)
IbeaL2ThreeJetHomologationIbea 10-C-09.pdf (337.6 KB)

Engines 125cc Shifter\Gearbox KZ, KZ2 and ICC

MC_Bat3 KZ ICC Homologation.pdf (818.3 KB)
Motori Seven_L3AT.pdf (900.9 KB)
MaxterMXV KZ Homologation.PDF (891.9 KB)
Motori Seven_L3AT.pdf (900.9 KB)
Pavesi Evo2 25deg.pdf (1.5 MB)
TM_K9A.pdf (849.7 KB)
CRS_MF1.pdf (1.1 MB)
CRS_MF2.pdf (2.2 MB)
CRS_S88.pdf (895.2 KB)
Vortex RVS Homologation.PDF (679.2 KB)

Engines KF 125cc

MaxterXF2 Homologation.pdf (2.5 MB)

Ignition Systems

VeringT141288HomolgationVering 12-A-09.pdf.pdf (403.4 KB)
Italsistem951IgnitionHomlogtationAccensione951.pdf (996.6 KB)
PVL_458Homologation.pdf (1.3 MB)
PVL_682_KF1Homologation.pdf (140.9 KB)
PVL_682_KF2Homologation.pdf (140.2 KB)
Selettra3356EHomologation SCAN3297_000.pdf (374.4 KB)
SelettraP3356NHomologation 13-A-09.pdf (821.7 KB)

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YESSS this is great! Thanks James!

Everyone, if you have homologation docs, upload them! Especially for older karts, the part numbers and diagrams on these are incredibly helpful for those that are looking at something for the first time.