Rib protector!

Hi! I have been giving myself a besting 3 days at south garda. Pullung almost 3g in the fast chicane. I have had problems with my ribs last year… the rib protector i have now is a free m but my coach says that its should be harder bc ite so mutch grip. And ideas what i sould go for?

There’s about a zillion rib protector topics here:

TLDR: Most threads come to the conclusion of a Bengio Bumper


The answer is always Bengio.

The freem is pretty good but it’s a bit bulky.

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I got Bengio Bumpers for my son and I at Orlando Kart Center when my wife and I went to Florida to visit her dad. She was there and approved the purchase. After watching our kids race (and crash) quarter midgets she’s big on safety equipment. We’ll see how things go come spring here in the Great Lakes.

Went to the track and got forced to buy it🤣 i was pushing myself to hard


Bengio every live long day :grin:


Which Bengio? There are several models. I’d like to be comfortable but still protected. Is the “bumper” above the go to?

The one Mike is modeling. You don’t need the carbon fiber though.

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I’ve had the standard bumper in plastic for 8 years now and it’s held up great. Carbon is unnecessary but looks cool.


As someone who makes their living off of the stuff…


Cars so light a strong breeze will carry it away.

i have a wierd rib shape and i got the carbon bc it has memory foam on the inside and has thicker foam and i tested the platic one 1 session and the carbon and with the carbon i almost felt 0 pain but with the plastic i felt a fair amout of pain. well its just testing i guess and personal prefference

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there is also a model that is fia certified if you are doing europa champinchip or world cup but its unnecesary if you dont do any of the championships and costs like 540 euro

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Yeah it has the extra chest piece. Not really necessary like you say.

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Is the sizing accurate? I have a very large chest comparatively to my torso so it’s very tough to find sizes.

The L one I have fits me very well at 165 lbs, 6’. I originally bought too large but traded with Tanguy who bought too small.

The Greyhound seems more compelling. The greater adjustability of it in the back is a big deal, imho. That’s my next purchase. My Bengio is bulletproof, though, and seems to get better with age, fit-wise, oddly.

i might get the greyhound honestly by looking at it. My KA doesn’t bother my ribs at all when driving it, it just vibrates my lungs and I cough all the way around the track, so i need something to dampen the vibration moreso than protect my ribs, my lats take most of the beating.